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Newline) . When either of the pointers reaches the end of the buffer. It Is reset back to the start. 3 Cyclic buffering If Input Is faster than processing, BUFPTR might USERPTR, overwriting data that has not yet been read. overtake If processing is faster than Input. USERPTR might overtake BUFPTR and attempt to read data that has not yet been placed In the buffer. Obviously, these can be overcome by programming certain checks Into the buffering procedures. Terminal handling provides one of the most common applications for the use of cyclic buffering.

Thus. It Is possible to have multiple Input/output documents for a job. even though the computer system has only a single card reader/lineprinter. This would be Impractical If the documents were not buffered on the disc. An extension of this scheme allows some documents to remain on the disc between successive runs of a user's program. These 'permanent documents' are. I n effect. flies. 3 DESIGN OF A SIMPLE SPOOUNG SYSTEM The remainder of this chapter considers In detail the design of an operating system that could be used for online spooling.

For example. there might be one Input document containing the program and another holding the data. The job scheduler can start the job only when ail Its Input documents are available. so when a job Is submitted to the machine the number of Input and output documents required by the job must be stated. This normally appears as a job description which may be submitted as a separate document. The A Practical Course on Operating Systems 26 program data documents have Information on their first card to Identify the job with which they are associated.

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