New PDF release: A guide to MATLAB

By Brian R. Hunt, Ronald L. Lipsman, Jonathan M. Rosenberg, with Kevin R. Coombes, John E. Osborn, and Garrett J. Stuck

ISBN-10: 0511077920

ISBN-13: 9780511077920

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You should continue typing, and after you enter the end statement, MATLAB will evaluate the entire loop and display a new prompt. ✓ If you use a loop in a script M-file with echo on in effect, the commands will be echoed every time through the loop. You can avoid this by inserting the command echo off just before the end statement and inserting echo on just afterward; then each command in the loop (except end) will be echoed once. Presenting Your Results Sometimes you may want to show other people the results of a script M-file that you have created.

In that case you should skip the next subsection and proceed directly to the Menu and Tool Bars subsection below. The Desktop By default, the MATLAB Desktop (Figure 1-1 in Chapter 1) contains five windows inside it, the Command Window on the right, the Launch Pad and the Workspace browser in the upper left, and the Command History window and Current Directory browser in the lower left. Note that there are tabs for alternating between the Launch Pad and the Workspace browser, or between the Command History window and Current Directory browser.

For example, type solve(’2*x log(y) = 1’, ’y’) to solve 2x − log y = 1 for y in terms of x. You can specify more than one equation as well. For example, >> [x, y] = solve(’xˆ2 - y = 2’, ’y - 2*x = 5’) x = [ 1+2*2^(1/2)] [ 1-2*2^(1/2)] y = [ 7+4*2^(1/2)] [ 7-4*2^(1/2)] This system of equations has two solutions. MATLAB reports the solution by giving the two x values and the two y values for those solutions. Thus the first solution consists of the first value of x together with the first value of y.

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A guide to MATLAB by Brian R. Hunt, Ronald L. Lipsman, Jonathan M. Rosenberg, with Kevin R. Coombes, John E. Osborn, and Garrett J. Stuck

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