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By Jörg Rüpke

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A complete therapy of the numerous symbols and associations of Roman faith, this significant other areas a few of the spiritual symbols, discourses, and practices, together with Judaism and Christianity, right into a better framework to bare the sprawling panorama of the Roman faith.

  • An cutting edge creation to Roman faith
  • Approaches the sphere with a spotlight at the human-figures rather than the gods
  • Analyzes spiritual adjustments from the 8th century BC to the fourth century advert
  • Offers the 1st heritage of spiritual motifs on cash and household/everyday utensils
  • Presents Roman faith inside its cultural, social, and old contexts

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Valla, Politian) spent more time simply recovering the texts and gleaning their most obvious meanings; plumbing the meanings lay later, for the Scaligers of Europe. In short, none seems to have possessed an urgent need for the detailed exegesis of Roman religion. ACTC02 24/04/2007 04:49PM Page 18 18 C. Robert Phillips, III Early Modern Europe through the Eighteenth Century The detailed study of Roman religion reappeared, but in its earlier patristics guise as polemical cudgel wielded against theological opponents, and this continued even during the Renaissance conflation and utilization of Greek and Roman religion and their mythologies.

Jones amassed ancient Sanskrit texts and translated them, but also he published On the Gods of Greece, Italy, and India (1799), in which he noted frequent similarities, principally in what he styled “mythologies,” between those three religions, and others besides. This provided not only yet more ammunition for the Enlightenment’s philosophes, but also an unwitting charter for the “scientific” scholarship of the next century and beyond. Nineteenth Century and Early Twentieth Century I: Colonialism, Darwin, Universities The Sanskrit evidence enormously influenced the direction of studies of Greco-Roman religion.

Dyck, Cambridge 2003–) is more revealing for the history of Hellenistic philosophy than for Roman practice. The same does not hold for the subsequent On Divination (comm. A. E. Pease, Cambridge, MA, 1920–3, repr. Darmstadt 1963). The speeches On His House and On the Reply of the Haruspices do give interesting insights into the fabric of religious institutions. Other important sources are less easily accessible. Livy’s Roman history remains basic to the history of republican religion. Religious information, however, is widely scattered.

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