A Companion to Greek Architecture by Margaret M. Miles PDF

By Margaret M. Miles

ISBN-10: 1444335995

ISBN-13: 9781444335996

A significant other to Greek Architecture offers an expansive assessment of the subject, together with layout, engineering, and development in addition to conception, reception, and lasting impression.

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Criti. 111b–d, on the deforestation of Athens) limits their usefulness for understanding environmental realities. Ecological studies indicate that Mediterranean woods were not significantly depleted over the course of antiquity, and many practices – like coppicing for firewood – were highly sustainable (Meiggs 1982; Grove and Rackham 2001). Ground Cover and Zoning Vegetation sorts out into three main zones or biomes, according to rainfall, soil qualities, and altitude. Within each, however, there exist many microzones, generally dictated by the differential availability of water (Grove and Rackham 2001: 55).

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