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By O.L. Kryzhanovskii, etc.

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This reassessment of the Carabidae after Jacobson's (1905-1916) paintings lists over 3000 stated species and 2 hundred genera of this massive beetle relatives populating the previous USSR. Distibutional info between 26 fundamental physiographic areas and a a number of of subregions can be given.

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CSIKI 1944 ssp. ) DEJEAN 1826 ------GHI----------------var. ) REITTER 1896 var. ) KOLENATI 1845 cyanescens (Calosoma) MOTSCHULSKY 1859 ------------------------YZ = denserugatum (Calosoma) GÉHIN 1885 Subgenus Campalita MOTSCHULSKY 1865 Type species: = Type species: = 5 6 7 8 Calosoma granulosum MOTSCHULSKY 1844 Catasoma LAPOUGE 1929 Type species: = Calosoma aeneum MOTSCHULSKY 1859 Callistrata MOTSCHULSKY 1865 Type species: = Calosoma maderae FABRICIUS 1775 Cosmoplata MOTSCHULSKY 1865 Calosoma olivieri DEJEAN 1831 Eremosoma LAPOUGE 1929 Type species: Calosoma algiricum GÉHIN 1885 ( auropunctatum (Calosoma) HERBST 1784) ABCDEF------MNOP-RST-----ssp.

140 ---------------PQ-S------- PgQcSce 56 rhodoterena (Cicindela) TSCHITSCHÉRINE 1903 Spec. 141 = rhodoterana (Cicindela) auct. MORAWITZ 1863 ------------------------Yssp. MORAWITZ 1863 -------------------------Z Za ssp. ) SEMENOV 1922 ( limbatus (Omophron) FABRICIUS 1776) ABCD-FGH-----NO--R-------? SAHLBERG 1844 = laevigata (Pelophila) MOTSCHULSKY 1844 = angusticollis (Pelophila) MOTSCHULSKY 1844 = shermani (Pelophila) CASEY 1913 Genus Leistus FRÖLICH 1799 Type species: Carabus ferrugineus LINNAEUS 1758 Subgenus Pogonophorus LATREILLE 1802 Type species: = Type species: = 1 2 3 4 Riv.

Hence we consider it better to allot it the rank of a subspecies (S. Cherkasov) . 141 Cicindela decempustulata var. rhodoterena has been described by Tschitschérine (1903) from the environs of Meshkhed. , Cassola, van Nidek, 1982; Werner, 1991) consider it as a subspecies. In 1991, both forms were found sympatric near Kushka. Constant structural (complete absence of a humeral spot, uniform dark blue underside, shape of the aedeagus) and certain ecological differences (in the environs of Kushka, C.

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A checklist of the ground-beetles of Russia and ajancent lands (Insecta, Coleoptera, Carabidae) by O.L. Kryzhanovskii, etc.

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