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By Anjali Arora

"Is tension affecting your life?

Understand stress

-Learn approximately pressure busters

Assess your pressure Levels

- improve a tension coping strategy

Overwhelmed by way of the tense occasions in lifestyles, so much people get disillusioned or flustered. This impacts our way of life and personality.

Take inventory of your existence now. methods to examine your pressure degrees and the way to deal with it. This booklet discusses the entire points of counteracting rigidity and offers a plethora of concepts so you might destress.

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Aroma-therapy helps in stimu-lating the production of endorphins in the body. It also helps enhance the immune system and can correct the imbalance in the body. Some Beneficial Oils Oil Beneficial Effect Sandalwood Helps in reflection Jasmine Euphoria Pine Relieves fatigue Rose Brightens communication Basil Alertness increases Lemon Refreshing Peppermint Digestive aid Eucalyptus Refreshing Lavender Helps in relaxation Behavioural pattern to stress Do you belong to the Type A or Type B personality?

It is also linked to the male perspective and their different traits compared to women. Their learning style, rationality and reluctance to express their feelings is completely male! Both sexes are different physically and mentally. Hormones Linked to Stress The Stress Hormone: Cortisol Stress has become a part of our daily routine. Certain amount of stress is important for you to deal with life’s ups and downs. When you experience stress of any kind, your body releases cortisol (a steroid hormone) into the blood stream.

Herbal and vitamin supplementation Meditation Psychological Stress Almost all anxiety attacks and stress related mindbody illnesses are known to cause sleep disorders such as sleep apnoea, delayed sleep phase syndrome, and even oversleeping. In extreme cases stressors or causes of stress can even cause insomnia. Chronic stress conditions can lead to various Attention-Deficiency Disorders such as ADD and ADHD, which are again products of the demands of modern life and its priorities. Individuals with Attention-Deficiency Disorder, predominantly Inattentive Type (ADD) exhibit six or more symptoms of inattention and less than six symptoms of hyperactivity-impulsivity.

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