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By Arthur C. Clarke

The 3rd ebook in Clarke's liked house Odyssey sequence, 2061: Odyssey 3 returns to Heywood Floyd, survivor of 2 prior encounters with the mysterious monoliths and the alien intelligences at the back of them. Floyd is selected as certainly one of a handful of big name site visitors to witness the 1st manned landing at the floor of Halley's Comet at the privately-owned spaceship Universe.

But the landing isn't fated to head as deliberate. On Jupiter's moon Europa, which has gone through a metamorphosis after occasions on the finish of 2010: Odyssey , scientists have noticed the unexpected development of a big, asymmetrical mountain decided to be one unmarried huge, immense diamond-a fragment of Jupiter's center. The Universe's sister send, Galaxy, is hijacked and compelled to crash into Europa's ocean-and the Universe is diverted from its unique challenge to rescue the staff.

In this ebook, Heywood Floyd needs to once more live to tell the tale an come across with HAL, David Bowman, and the mysterious monolith-building race with its personal hidden agenda-that will form the future of the human race.

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At the publisher's request, this identify is being offered with no electronic Rights administration software program (DRM) utilized.

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